Welcome to Sho-Me Horse show Association!


For our final show on September 16th will be a double judged show with a one time fee of $10.00 added as judges fee. Our optional jackpot classes this time will be Ranch Riding and Reining in all divisions.! It's $10.00 CASH to enter and winner take all! Regular class/division rules will apply.

We are doing away with the 60% rule for year end awards this year. If you show at our June and September shows you will be eligible for year end awards!

Please remember to pre-enter if you plan to show in the cattle classes. You can call 417-751-2600 or email at norman.huddleston@sbcglobal.net

SMHSA is a dedicated group of horse enthusiasts looking for ways to enjoy our horses of all breeds. We hold Ranch Versatility shows in Southwest Missouri in the spring and fall. We offer classes that are not breed specific but that are judged specifically to the breed being shown.

SMHSA is a family-oriented organization that encourages a friendly level of competition that allows for all age groups and skill levels to participate. Our members share a love of the true equine athlete, whether they are ridden on the ranch, on the trail or in the show ring. In short, we want to become better horsemen and horsewomen and develop more versatile horses.

Though we choose not to be sanctioned by any of the currently existing organizations, we model our classes and rules to be similar to those of the “Ranch Horse Associations,” with classes for cow work, reining and trail. We’re a growing organization and we invite you to join us!

2017 Sho Me Ranch Horse Series  -- 2017 Showbill

Date Location Start time
April 29 Longhorn Arena (formally Flying M) 9 am
May 27 Longhorn Arena 9 am
June 24 Longhorn Arena 9 am
Sept 16 Longhorn Arena 9 am